Cornell University Transportation

ASAP Cab Company Inc. wants to provide you with the most personalized taxi service in the industry.

Cornell University Transportation

Cornell University Transportation | ASAP Cab Company Inc. - Ithaca, NY

As the proud parent of a Cornell student, ASAP Cab Company Inc’s team knows that you want the safest and most reliable transportation services for the student in your life. Make sure you place your college kid in the very best hands by sending for them with the Cornell University transportation service from ASAP Cab Company Inc. For many years, ASAP Cab Company Inc. has safely been getting Cornell students back home, to the airport, or just out to go run some errands. They are well known and highly regarded on the Cornell campus.

When sending for your child in a taxi cab, you are going to want the most trustworthy transportation available in Ithaca, NY. The good people at ASAP Cab Company Inc. understand this need and fulfill it with every ride they give. Their Cornell University transportation service is 100% safe. Their drivers are all highly experienced and specially trained in defensive driving techniques. Most importantly, they are trustworthy people, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety.

You can use them for all Cornell University transportation needs, such as:

● Shopping—If you are a student at Cornell and have some shopping to do but no car to do it in, count on affordable taxi service from your on campus dorm or off campus residence to help you out.

● Vacations—Get back to your home and the people who love you on long vacations with safe Cornell University transportation from ASAP Cab Company Inc.

● Airport Taxi—Get from campus to the airport in no time flat.

These are just a few of the services that Cornell University transportation from ASAP Cab Company Inc. can offer. No matter what your individual needs are, you can count on them to go the extra mile for you. Call now!